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Palmyra Primary School, 60 McKimmie St, Palmyra

The Market

Palmyra Western Farmers Market revives the age old tradition of direct trade between householders and farmers in a community setting. Each market is a social celebration of all things good – food, family, friends, and conversation.

The Palmyra Western Farmers Market


“A Farmers’ Market is a predominantly fresh food market that operates regularly within a community, at a focal public location that provides a suitable environment for farmers and food producers to sell farm-origin and associated value-added processed food products directly to customers.”
– Adopted by and recommended to market operators by the Australian Farmer’s Markets Association Inc –

In an article featured in “The Weekend Australian Magazine” (Oct 20-21 2007), Rosie Boycott reported the recent development that is the politics of food; “It is, I think, in part because in our alienated world we feel so out of touch with not only the political process but the manufacturing one too. But in this world there is one simple thing we can all do about it: buy proper food, food that we know the origin of: whether it’s a carton of eggs from the local farm shop or a box of apples from a farmer’s market. If we are what we eat, then what we eat tells a story. If we eat good local food and pay a decent price, we not only get great produce, but we create a virtuous chain in which we all flourish: doing the right thing in terms of what you eat benefits not just our tastebuds and health, but also the environment, local farmers and growers, and communities.”

A less intellectual, but no less valid, reason to enjoy markets are the sensory delights offered by farm fresh produce. In 1977 Elizabeth David submitted an article to UK Vogue espousing the delights of local growers markets – thirty years on we can recreate her delight at the Palmyra Western Farmers Market; “There were little round, crisp, bronze-flecked, frilly lettuces, baskets of mixed salad greens, great floppy bunches of chard, leaf artichokes, trombone shaped pumpkin which make beautiful soup, fat fleshy red peppers, new laid eggs, eight or nine varieties of olives in basins and barrels, thick honey and clear honey, in a variety of colours in the jar and in the comb, and honey soap in golden chunks, bouquets of mixed fresh flowers. And then cheeses, oh the cheeses.”

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Our Palmyra Western Farmers Market is open every Sunday morning from

See our map for location and parking

For further inquiries please send us an Email: pallyfarm@live.com

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